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The missing of a component in a supply can create a huge problem to the customer, especially when one is working with companies around the world.
Our staff is able to directly detect on the field some problems regarding installation,  offering then the best solutions to the problems encountered.
Thanks to the gained experience in different sectors, PGM is able to offer to its customers the support and the necessary advice for the choice of techniques and optimal processes in order to obtain the desired results.
We perform the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service and repairing directly to the customer with short intervention times; on request we can offer a maintenance programmes scheme designed according to the needs of the customer.
We both analyze and study with our customers the best solutions in order to satisfy their needs, with a real co-engineering action. In close cooperation withthecustomerwe areable to performdesign worktoachievethebestbenchmark.
The review and update service of used machines is offered both for a general review of the mechanical gears that allow machine movements, and for the safety in the workplace laws.

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